About us

RPU is a Security and Loss protection enterprise with a level 3 BEE rating. The company comprises of three business units that offer tailor-made security expertise:


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Securing Risk Intelligently

We provide our client with regular, structured feedback on all matters of risk, giving our clients peace of mind that their risks are being mitigated and their assets protected...

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Site Specific Requirements

RPU’s site specific approach is based on an all-inclusive analysis of the site to be protected and this due diligence informs the manner in which the protection solution will be designed and subsequently implemented...

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Key Objectives

Our key objectives are to understand our clients’ security requirement and formulate a response based on these requirements. Some of the pertinent resolutions will include...

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RPU supplies a unique and effective security solution to a wide range of industries. We differentiate ourselves from other security companies by assisting in the design, implementation and managing of the company’s protection plan.

Why RPU?

  • We are specialists in achieving companies’ shrinkage goals.
  • We do not turn maximum profit whilst neglecting our employees.
  • We offer lucrative employee incentives and manage according to a balanced performance score card.
  • We deploy highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel on-site as an extension of our clients’ management structure at our expense.
  • We operate nationally, ensuring consistency and supply chain efficiency.
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RPU Offers A Loss Control Solution Including:

  • Armed Security Officers
  • Armed Escorting
  • Specialist Guarding
  • Independent CCTV Operators
  • Undercover agents
  • Covert CCTV surveillance “Nanny Cams”
  • Occupational Health and Safety compliance
  • Occupational Healthcare/Screening and Statutory
  • Controlling & Managing High Risk Areas
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We Specialize In Armed Escorting

RPU’s Staff and Management have extensive experience in security co-ordination and transporting of assets and valuable commodities for different transporters and large corporate companies throughout South Africa. We do not outsource any of our armed escorts to ensure we provide sustainable high quality service to our clients...Read More